haha I know I said I’d try to write on this blog but it’s just the fact that I get distracted so easily and then time flies.

Today was such a crazy day. On a whim to get everything done I decided to go take my permit test and get all my college stuff done including getting my ID done, but things as usual never work like it is planned out. I reach the permit place around 9 am, I get my form, fill it out, blah blah blah and then when it reaches me I realize I didn’t bring my passport so I asked my mom to go home and get it. And so she complains about how I don’t get everything together but still manages to get my passport. So I’m all ready as the lady calls next, she goes “i.d please” I hand her my  passport, then she goes “social security please” I go shit. of course my mom blames me again and goes home to retrieve my social security card. It was 12 by the time she had gotten back. Everything seemed so easy after getting the form done, until I had to go take my permit written test and then wait. Waiting for them to call me was just the worst part of it. It took a total of four hours for everything to be done and for me to be out of that crowded crazy filled place.

At the end the lady hands me my temporary permit i.d and I paid 90 bucks for all of it. Then my mom decides she wants to take hold of my temporary permit due to the fact she thinks I’m irresponsible and clumsy. Let me tell you that was the worst thing I ever did, listen to her.

I then go on to the next thing to get done on my list. College photo i.d. I meet up with my extremely nice friend I had just met at the orientation and it takes a good two hours before we arrive. I go pay my bill. Then comes my photo i.d I walk in and the guy goes okay let me see your i.d. I look at him and go “my hs i.d?” he goes ” no something more like your passport, permit or even your temporary permit” I legitimately had the -______- wtf face because just two hours ago all those things he had just mentioned were all in my possession.


Recap of yesterday! haha I’m so behind! and so many new things are happening everyday

So yesterday since I was so tired I actually didn’t get a chance to write on this blog as I has previously said I would, and I’m so sorry for that! D; 

Yesterday I started my day by crawling my big lazy ass to work at 10 am. I found out my coworker I was hanging out from the previous day had a schedule change and was working the shift with me, aw man doesn’t that mean poke war. I walked into work with this nice outfit consisting of a tank top, and tights only to realize we HAD to, more like must wear our new gay uniforms for work. I changed into my uniform in the men’s fitting room, it was my first time I had ever use the fitting there. And we carried on the usual daily routines of doing what a sales does putting up with the customer’s requests. At one point I was helping this dude that went into the fitting room over 5 times! and kept changing his size -____- it was either shoot me or him. But the 5 dollar tip I had gotten from my other customer just made my whole day!

Afterwards, meaning after work, I went straight to my friends house thinking his bbq had started, only to awkwardly sit in his house with talking with his mom for an hour long in the hot weather because they didnt have ac in the living room -,-

By the time the bbq had start my friend, hei, was still not even home. I was the only one even wearing long pants, well tights but yet I was feeding mosquitoes. In total I had three mosquito bites on each leg, which still each like hell now!

When the host finally reached the bbq, I just sat awkwardly there lol on my phone to avoid the awkwardness. Some time passed and they soon they started a water fight where I took all the water bottles and sprayed his brother soaked. Apparently his brother had thrown a water balloon at my ass so I looked like I decided to take a leak in my pants, of course I got my revenge. Hei was even more crazy he poured bbq sauce all over his brother.

It was finally time to go home, it was about 9 by then I left. Hei gave me a ride home but on the way home we passed by the bridge where the fire works celebrating Independence Day were set off, he took forever to find a parking spot. I didn’t even recognize where we were since it was so dark. We stood at the bridge for an hour talking and watching the fire works. I kinda felt like he was on to something but just acted dumb and went along with it. Because I know he’s never done anything before, not even kissed lol.

When the fire works were done, we started to walk back to the car and we were talking about weight. He offered me a piggy back ride, of course I don’t refuse piggy back rides, so I hopped on his back. The first time he almost dropped me and fell over himself. By the second and third time I finally was on his back. To aviod touching his sun burns on his shoulder I put my hands on his head LOL not around his neck.He carried me for about one block and I requested he put me down, he refused I was just like -_____- I’m just killing your sun burn lol.

so yeah he just drove me home, I got home at like 10:30 that night lol which is late for me with my over protective father.


So starting today I will try as much as I can to write on this blog! I need crazy improvement on my writing skills so I can be readily prepared for college! >:D

of course I always start with saying a lot of things happen because I’m almost never on this blog :o

But its okay starting today I will be blogging more about my life and stresses. I’m sorry if I overwhelm you, I just need a place to let out my stresses

I’m going to start with talking about today, today was one of the days I finally got to relax and have time to myself! I was suppose to hit the beach with one of my friends, Hei, I don’t really remember if I mentioned him last time, yeah he has a weird name get over it, He apparently seems to still  have a crush on me even though I feel like we don’t connect or click. I’m kind of scared though, because of his consistency I might have slightly fallen for him. Back to the topic I was suppose to go to the beach with him until I found out it was more like a family trip for him, I didn’t want to feel like the sore asshole to interrupt his family time and it’s really awkward especially when a guy brings a girl friend to the beach with his family. So I turned down the invitation. Left with nothing to do I hit up my coworker who also had a crush on me, yeah Idk why recently there have been a zillion boys after me and I feel like a player but I honestly don’t see what I have to offer them. He came over, we chilled at the mall and played some handball until some dumbasses decided to smoke weed on the court which smelled like gasoline. I didn’t want to get high or go home smelling like shit therefore we left. We didn’t know what to do we had 4 hours to kill, William comes up with some crazy idea to walk ALL the way to roosevelt to play pool. I looked at him like he had ten boobies going on. Last time, I walked from Roosevelt to home, was when Me and my friends had to pee and we were walking in a dark bad neighborhood! Somehow we wounded up taking the train and boom we were there. When we got there at the pool place, it was dark, I mean I don’t mind dim lit places, but not where an asian doesn’t fit! it was a place filled with hispanics. I was in shorts. Now u tell me how great that idea sounds, as i walked through the tables I could feel the latino men staring at me. Thank god, he was smart enough to get the last table in the corner! We played for almost two full hours! I gotta admit it was really fun, I learned a lot off of him but I kind of felt like he wasn’t playing at his full potential because of how much I suck lol. When we finally left and actually walked ALL the way back to the park, where we started playing handball, we sat down at our usual spot and chatted. I found out he had some crushing on me, a part of me felt relieved, a part of me felt sad. Because he really is a great guy, similar to me in many ways but much much crazier than me, I just couldn’t picture myself with him. He’s just the crazy friend you want to have around so life isn’t so boring, sure he’s a flirt-a-geous and it doesn’t work with me but there’s something about him, he’s just interesting. Well thats it for today, maybe tomrrw I will talk about the other days and what I’ve done so far.


SO SO I’m finally legal LOL just not legal to drink just yet here in New York xP But today was one of the greatest times I’ve had in a really long time. Watching two movies, The Avengers, a must watch movie! and The Dictator, a movie that scar-ed me for life and for those who watched it they know…

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